Great Ideas Need Great Names

Join the ranks of the top well known social media sites by owning the perfect memorable name,

If you’ve tried to register a domain name in the last decade or more, you already know how nearly impossible it is to find any single word domain name which has not been registered. is being offered for sale or as a joint venture development opportunity.

Stored Since 1995 was registered in 1995 and has never changed hands. The plan was always to build a web site using this fantastic name but many projects and business ventures got in the way of doing that. A few efforts failed and still there is no time. Time to let someone else use this wonderful name.

Constant Requests

Around 1999, the requests started showing up. Brokers wanting to buy/sell the and end users wanting it for their own ideas. It has never been advertised for sale because the owners were never interested in selling, yet the requests kept coming in.

Many interesting 5-6 digit offers have come in, some very hard to turn down but the plan was to use the domain, not sell it. The requests and offers continue to this day,  almost every month for all those years.

The Realization

A recent offer got the owners talking about the domain, considering if they would ever get around to building the dream site.

It was realized that there is still no time to work on this because other projects are still in the works and changes in directions make it more and more difficult to get around to this. The decision has been made, time to sell this to someone who can put it to great use.

Many Potential Uses could be used for countless offerings including a variety of social networking services.

It could be the ultimate dating site name. The word allows itself to be used for any age range, including seniors who may be seeking companionship and/or services. Perhaps as a dating site in the country and western lifestyle, ‘I met my companion on

It could be used in the health care industry, organizing volunteers for everything from helping people to find people to hospice, end of life and many other things where companions are needed.

It could most definitely make an amazing pets and animals web offering.

Easy To Remember

Companions is a word that is easy to remember, easy to spell and one that everyone is familiar with. What ever the use, this domain will become a great asset to your company and will also be easily resold should you decide to sell it some day.

So many ventures are starting up with uninteresting made up names that seem like taking the easy way out. is a name you will be proud of for years to come. While any word could be marketed and promoted, people tend to love real words more than made up ones.

This domain is sure to keep its value for many years to come.

A Rare Opportunity is now available for sale, however, If you have an idea where we could jointly benefit by using this wonderful domain name, let’s talk.
We will take care of the hosting, maintenance, scaling and even help with administration. Your part would be initial build, maintaining any custom software, site promotions and marketing. Costs would be shared once we hit a certain threshold of viability. Other deals could be entertained.

If you are interested in owning, feel free to contact us but please keep in mind that we will respond only to serious parties.

The Details

We will not respond to any enquiries coming from any free email services such as gmail, yahoo, etc nor emails without additional contact information such as company name, phone number and so on.

Details of the sale can remain undisclosed if you prefer. Earn 5% of the total sale by putting us in touch with a buyer. This offer open to brokers or an individual.

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