premium domain is now for sale. Perfect for the next great social site on the Internet. Companions is easy to spell and very memorable. is for sale

We’ve owned since the mid 90’s and believe it could be one of the next well known top name sites on the Internet.
All these years, we have wanted to find the perfect idea but have never had time to work on it.

Does domain valuation mean much?
Not much at all other than to brokers and wholesalers that want to buy cheap just to resell. We all know that short, easy to remember words are practically impossible to get anymore. Trying to find or buy a domain is quite a challenge these days.

What are we asking?
Based on a lot of input from many brokers that have wanted to sell this domain for us, we are asking $580K. is a truly rare offer that is extremely memorable and the feedback we get on the name is always amazing. Of course, you are welcome to make your offer.

Open to cash offers with a stake in the venture, cash and trade and other ideas.  We have been in the online business since the early 90’s and can handle all hosting and technical sides in a joint venture as well. Your end would be marketing and promotions etc.

If interested, you know how to contact us!





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