Ready to shed invasive profiling on social sites?

This is the Companions.com experiment

We are offering an exclusive invitation to early adopters like you to be a part of this groundbreaking venture! The Internet should be more than a profiling machine and Companions.com is here for people that want their privacy back.

There will be no buying and selling of your personal information on this platform. Will people want such an offering? This is the experiment. Read on for more.

A Long-Awaited Project

For years, the Companions.com domain held the promise of something incredible. Offers to buy have been coming in regularly for over twenty years but we never wanted to sell. We wanted to put it to use and we're doing that now.

It's a domain that has patiently awaited its moment to shine, and that moment is NOW. We were too busy getting other people's dreams online and ours had to wait.

We're shifting gears from inactivity to innovation, and we're doing it with you at the forefront.

Independently owned and operated

We have privately owned no investors, no board room of people telling us it's only about the money and little else. We are a small group of people that have worked hard on other people's ideas all our lives and now we want to work on our own. 

We are personally sick and tired of being profiled in everything we do and will work hard to keep this platform free of such practices other than basic things that can help us to improve the service. No personal information will ever be shared willingly.

We are using paid open-source software as a base and will develop everything our members want over time and as the demand occurs.
Yes, there will be bugs in the early days but we will diligently squash every one of them with member input and feedback.

Our intentions are to earn our keep, the old-fashioned way, by providing a good service, not by selling your personal information.

Your Privacy, Your Priority

In a digital world filled with intrusive profiling, we're standing up for your right to privacy. You are not a commodity on Companions.com!

Our mission is to build a digital haven that respects your autonomy. No profiling, no data mining for third parties—just a safe and secure space for you and your friends to explore and connect.

Invite friends, family, and co-workers, and create a new online space that doesn't include being watched and monitored at every turn.

Being First Presents An Opportunity to Shape the Future

Become a trailblazer on Companions.com! We're committed to building an ecosystem that thrives on your input and creativity. By joining us as an early adopter, you're not just getting in on the ground floor—you're becoming a co-creator of something extraordinary.

Unleash Your Potential

Picture this: Your groups, blogs, and offerings taking center stage as the driving force behind Companions.com's growth. Early adopters enjoy unparalleled advantages, setting the stage for their content to shine and flourish. You can even aspire to become the next influencer because Companions.com is untouched ground.

Secure Your Spot, Ignite Your Influence

Here's your golden ticket - an invitation to be part of a movement that values your voice, your content, and your vision. Seize the opportunity today and secure your spot before the world catches on. This is your chance to shine bright, starting from the very beginning.

Join us in redefining a new kind of digital landscape at Companions.com. One where you're not the commodity but a valued member.

Let's build something remarkable together!

Don't miss out - be a pioneer, a creator, and a changemaker.

Your journey with Companions.com starts now. 🚀